Our Story

Beekeeping started as a hobby for us to produce our own local honey. Once we learned more about the plight of the bees and the need to provide them a place thrive and grow, we decided it was time to become more involved.  We became involved in local beekeeping organizations and enrolled in educational events to become better informed.

One of the first things we learned was that 0ne hive can quickly become 2 then 4 and so on.  So we purchased acreage and moved our hives from our backyard to the bee yard and began to expand from there.

Our Approach

A and D Hives honey comes from many varieties of local plants.  Did you know that each honey bee makes approximately 1/2 teaspoon of honey in her lifetime? Our Hone Bee is responsible for pollinating a large percentage of our food supply, some of which is completely dependent and without the Hone Bee, would not exist.

Our Apiaries are located in Southern Brevard County.  We don't treat our bees with any chemicals, and we we take pride in taking excellent care of them.  Our honey is freshly extracted throughout each season and bloom or nectar flow, with the exception of winter where we are thankful for the leftover spring and summer harvest and anxiously await the spring again.  Most of our wildflower honey contains Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto, Mangrove, Brazilian Pepper and other native plants that are in abundance.

A and D Hives live bee swarm removal services are also available upon request.

Meet the Team

Andy and Denise Harrell our our local beekeepers that take care of the bees and provide them with a place that is safe from pesticides and a place to grow and thrive.

Denise Harrell


Andy Harrell


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