Local Raw Honey

From the hive to the extractor and into the bottle.  Our honey is fresh, unfiltered raw honey. Currently available in 1 lb, 2 lb and 5 lb bottles. Creamed Honey available in the very near future.

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Live Beehive and Swarm Removal

No Kill Bee Removal

  • Serving Brevard, Indian River and St Lucie County
  • ​Residential and Commercial Beehive and Swarm Removal
  • ​Registered Beekeeper
  • ​Competitive Rates
  • Free Estimates
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Beehives and Nucleus Hives

Coming Soon. 8 Frame Beehives and 5 Frame Nucleus Hives. Stocked with Bees and ready to work your flowers, trees and gardens.

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What we do

A & D Hives is a Bee Farm with multiple beehives in a rural setting where our bees have a limited exposure to pesticides.  Along the way, we take a little bit of the raw honey the bees produce and sell it to our local customers.

Sometimes bees find their way to residential areas where interaction with humans can have some undesirable results for both the humans and the bees.  Bees are very important to our environment, so we do live removal of the  bees and their hives and relocate them to our bee farm.


Next Steps...

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